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Thread: Is Pair OK?

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    Question Is Pair OK?

    I tried to sign up with Pair for one of their hosting plans HV-1
    $ 683.54 for 12 months...
    but it says if you haven't received an email to contact them...
    which I did... then they replied I need to phone them up ... I emailed back asking what they needed to know... no reply since!

    Is this what normally happens with Pair?

    ... I am not going to give my details to anyone over the phone, I even interrogate cold calls from my own bank before telling them to get lost.

    I am from UK, & used VISA to pay - could that be the problem?

    I am not so sure about Pair now, I know they think they got a good rep, but I rather go on first impressions... this feels like a lot of hassle... I hope they have not already charged my card, I don't want the mess of a chargeback.

    I really don't have time for this... it is not if I can rip them off!

    I suppose I am annoyed that I am actually wasting time over such a small thing, I spend thousands on software and crap only to be stumped over a couple hundred bucks of hosting... I only want it as a back up/ failsafe.

    Is this rant or self-analysis?
    I suppose in the 21st century we expect things to just work and happen... disappointment...

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    Quote Originally Posted by macknox View Post
    I am from UK, & used VISA to pay - could that be the problem?
    If you used your card from another city or country where the card is issued on, you may get in a mechanism to check. I guess no hosting company likes to do these checks but fact is that there are to many fraudulent orders, by no means saying yours is!.

    I would have expected Pair to contact you though, just give them a ring and ask them what is going on.

    Also did you check your spam message box, sometimes these mails end up there.

    I wish you all the best in solving this issue with Pair. If not, come and ask for other recommendations and find another host.

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    Pair is a very good company. The reason they're requiring a phone call is because when you signed up you(most likely) raised some red flags with their fraud detection. I doubt you'll have to give them your CC details again, they'll just need you to answer a few security questions.
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    They are a very "procedural" company, which is a good thing in many ways.
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    I don't know whether it is good or bad and how they manage their costomers
    The problem may be in the transaction of CC or they may be accept it as a fraud oder. When a company get an order as a fraud, after the fraud checking result, they don't accept it as a fraud order.

    They will check the adders which is recorded in the order and also they try to contact them.The method of contact may be in two way, by email or phone.

    Probably they thought that direct contact is more better than email contact.I don't know, how the phone contact will affect his personal matters,they only wants the order details...right ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by macknox View Post
    ... I am not going to give my details to anyone over the phone, I even interrogate cold calls from my own bank before telling them to get lost.
    I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to talk on the phone - if you call pair, you'll know it's pair, not some random phisher calling you. I don't have the records in front of me, but this sounds like routine fraud protection. If it doesn't get sorted out by Monday, please drop me a PM. (I'm with pair Networks, by the way.)


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    This indeed sounds like a routine security procedure, maybe having to do with something like how your IP matched the address on your cc or whatever. I wouldn't take it personally.
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