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    Cheap Windows 2003 vps hosting


    I am looking for a hosting company that hosts cheap in price windows 2003 vps.

    I am just going to use it to test things on it.

    So just like 128 mb ram, 5 gb hard drive 200-500 gb bandwith

    I am looking for something around $14.00

    I was going to go with hosting america but when I ordered they told me windows was 6 $ more.

    So if anyone has any hosters that have a vps that come with windows 2003 for around 14.00 that would be great.


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    Just a license for Windows 2003 standard is priced higher than 14USD at most places, so I don't think this is possible.

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    You will need to raise your budget in order to get the reliable host that you are seeking. - WHUK :: Leader in Web Hosting since 2001
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    Quote Originally Posted by WF_H View Post
    Just a license for Windows 2003 standard is priced higher than 14USD at most places, so I don't think this is possible.

    Due to volume pricing, it is possible to keep Windows license rental costs to around $7 per license, which helps keep Windows VPS prices down. We use insight and have a great relationship with them. For those of you who are struggling with high Windows licensing costs, I recommend that you look that way.
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    Insight is the one I contacted a couple of months ago, and I know they have low prices on licenses.
    Yet, not everyone uses insight, and most prices are much higher.

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    Certainly going to have to raise your budget.
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    VPS at $14/month... Why not $4/year? People spend more for coffee daily, but "can not afford" to pay the same for web hosting. Sure, coffee is a high-tech product, it needs Microsoft Certified Coffee Maker professional team and Intel Inside Paper Cups... What is VPS? Just some small roasted brown things with boiled water. - Reliable ASP.NET, MS SQL 2005/2000 web hosting since 2003. Shared and VDS/VPS. Get DotNetPanel control panel, SmarterMail,
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