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    How long allowed to Reverse CC charges?

    I signed up with rackvillage a little over 3 months ago. I prepaid 6mo. My server is dead in the water and they won't respond to emails. How long can I go before reversing a charge on my credit card? How long is the limit usually? I tried calling my card company but was on hold for 45min with no answer. I'll try again tonight. What do you think my chances of getting this charge reversed are?

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    Usually 6 months, but it depends. I would recommend getting in touch with your bank right away. - Reliable Web Hosting with magical support
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    Usually 60 days, but you'll have to find out from your credit card company. All I can suggest is to call later at night, never at noon.

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    Hey justsilly,

    I work closely with the banks and credit card company because I work in the fraud dept for an internet billing company. Let me know the name of the credit card company and I'll see what I can find for you.

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    call the credit card up, they usually pretty good at dispute w/ merchant.
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