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    Need a good reseller account

    Hi, this is my first post

    I'm currently looking for a good reseller account and have
    narrowed my search down to the following shortlist:

    Scala Hosting

    I'm looking for a reliable host with good support as my previous host decided to up and quit the hosting business without any prior notice after that fiasco I was able to quickly find a new temporary host for my main site (the others are still offline)

    I'm leaning towards InnoHosting as they seem to have a lot of good reviews w/good support not to mention the REFUGEE PROMO they have going on right now Does anyone have any experience or advice regarding the above hosts? I have searched for a couple days now, I'm pretty sure it's either going be Innohosting or Scala Hosting.

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    Well I can't comment on the hosts you have listed as I have never used them, All I can suggest is asking as many questions as possible and if your happy give it a go, Its always better if there is some sort of money back guarantee, I know InnoHosting has one so if your not happy you have a get out clause just in case.

    Let us know how you get on with who ever you choose.
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    Hi CustomX,

    I run my own web hosting business myself on a small scale, but am openly willing to say that Innohosting are my backbone provider. To sum up Inno in one post is quite difficult as there are so many things to talk about (like there are with all hosts), but what i will say is i have found Inno to be one of the best web hosting companes (especially for reseller accounts) going.

    Their support is honestly top notch, to points where i feel (as one of their customers!) that they go beyond what they are expected to when it comes to getting every part of your hosting experience with them perfect.

    They've helped me numerous times with my WHMCS billing system with update assistance, and an awful lot of 'how to...' questions. WHMCS provide their own support included with my install, but Inno seem to always be there first to help, and have the issue or question sorted it lightning speed.

    Their uptime is brilliant, with no hitches whatsoever, and are also very open as to what/when they need to do things to the specific server you are on.

    I've been with them for over 6 months now and i can say i have absolutely no hesitations in saying that i will still be with them in another 6 years with the quality of service they provide me!

    I can also assure you that you'll struggle to find many people who can say bad words about InnoHosting.

    Thats my view - i'm not going anywhere!

    Happy Host Hunting!


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    Thanks for the advice Tim, and thanks for the review securinet, I've heard nothing but good things about Inno,
    I'm leaning more and more in their direction. I'll let you know who I go with in a few days

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    I never had experience with the hosts you listed, but I would choose InnoHosting, too

    Almost all reviews are satisfactory, while I have read terrible reviews about Site5.
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    I recommend go away from Site5 if uptime and support is important for you
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    Quote Originally Posted by CustomX View Post
    Thanks for the advice Tim, and thanks for the review securinet, I've heard nothing but good things about Inno,
    I'm leaning more and more in their direction. I'll let you know who I go with in a few days
    InnoHosting is definately recommended.

    I'm with them for a month now. So far so great.

    Their servers are fast & support quick. Rameen and Chris are running a good show IMO.

    Do let us know who you chose
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    Can't go wrong with I've had an account with them a few years ago. As well as, but can't vouch for their services since their acquisition. - Host on Cloudrck
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    i have been with Scalahosting for a few months and haven't had any problems. The server i am on is very fast and the live support = well live support 24/7 it is like these guys never sleep.

    Never had to send them a ticket as i always use live support and they will do support while you wait.

    They must rename there support to "support as you wait"
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    Have you already checked out their uptime stats at and customer reviews at That's always a good place to start/
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    i just want to say to become a reseller of any company is now become very common n where do i know about those websites u listed above are pretty cool in their services...

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