CHICAGO, IL, February 13, 2008 -- Panopta today announced the release of their flagship server monitoring and outage management platform. This suite of tools is targeted at online service providers, content providers, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers and companies whose online presence is critical to their business operations.

Panopta provides high-frequency network service monitoring, checking all services once every minute. Using proprietary algorithms, automatic monitoring configuration detects a wide range of services that are critical to a site's online presence. “With modern web infrastructures becoming more and more complicated, there is a whole range of components that can break and interrupt your web presence,” said Jason Abate, founder of Panopta. “To truly ensure your company's presence, all of these need to be monitored – it is no longer sufficient to just monitor port 80 on your web server.”

Panopta provides custom timelines for multi-level outage notification rather than a single email or SMS notification. This enables operations teams to customize notification to match their existing escalation process. Beyond basic monitoring functionality, Panopta also provides a range of innovative outage management tools to facilitate collaboration in response to service outages, allowing operations teams to work together effectively. Customers have access to a complete outage portal that brings together realtime communication tools, detailed logging of all outage-related information and historical server performance reporting.

The Panopta monitoring suite is available today for all customers with packages targeting companies from SMB through enterprise scale. A 30-day free trial is available which gives access to all monitoring and outage management functionality. Interested customers can sign up at and be monitoring their complete infrastructure in fifteen minutes.

About Panopta

Panopta is a leading provider of advanced monitoring and outage management tools for small and large companies whose online presence is critical to their business. The core team at Panopta has extensive technology development and technical operations experience, with nearly a decade of experience at some of the largest web hosting companies in the world. Panopta manages an international monitoring network, with locations available throughout North America and Europe.