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    * YES! Great Reseller plans, now with 70% Off & End User support! from only $3!

    Hello Potential customer!

    You may have many websites you need hosted on one account or want to try your hand at webhosting others... Heres your chance!

    Its cheap and cheerful, we are renowned for Great service and blazing fast support, we have true 24/7 support, in-house and we wait for your support tickets, otherwise, we just play basketball in the office

    With our reseller accounts, you get EVERYTHING to offer your clients or keep it all for yourself, whichever you prefer! You get:

    RVSkins - Skins for the control panel, to make it more functional and easier to navigate, if you like to spend a lot of time tweaking around in the control panel, this is for you!

    RVSiteBuilder pro - with 100's of templates and an easy way to build websites, this is great if you or your clients are looking to build a quick site in a few minutes

    End User support - Only costs $5 extra a month and you get our agents providing support to your clients, so you can concentrate on advertising and filling up that bank account of yours!

    Fantastico - All the popular scripts, ready to install at the click of a mouse button, all free!

    SSH Access - If your a shell fanatic like us and like to wget your files, this should be helpful!

    So.. without further ado(?) Heres the plans and the WHT exclusive discount code:


    Generous 6 GB of Disk Space
    40 GB(!) of Transfer

    Price : Wait for it......
    Promo Code: WHTFeb


    10 (yes, 10!) GB of Disk Space
    75 GB of Transfer

    Price: Another whopper.... $5.98
    Promo Code: WHTFeb

    PHR-3 (The Grandaddy of them all)

    Huge 17 GB of disk space
    100 GB of Transfer!!

    Price: Dont adjust your computer screen!.... $8.98
    Promo Code: WHTFeb

    We have limited space (31 Accounts left) so make sure you order soon and secure your deal, this is for the Lifetime of your account!

    If we can be of any help at all, grab us on our live chat, we will be over-the-moon to answer your questions
    IT Support - Business Hosting & VOIP Solutions Scotland

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    I'm a little confused about the number of days in the TOS :
    8.1 Termination without Cause during Renewal Term
    This Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time during any Renewal Term for any or no reason upon either party giving to the other no less than thirty (7) days prior notice of termination. No matter which party terminates the Agreement pursuant to this Section 8.1, any and all payment obligations of Customer under this Agreement for Service(s) provided through the date of termination will immediately become due, and Customer shall be required to prepay for any portion of the Services that have not been paid for and are to be rendered during such thirty (7) day period. ProntoHost may terminate the service by providing fourteen (7) days notice to customer.
    The number in word and ( ) are not matched.

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