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    Help choosing an OS

    Hi guys.

    Sorry if this sounds a little stupid, but I'm having trouble choosing an OS for my upcoming web hosting company. Do I go with windows, or do I go with linux? I know there is Plesk for windows, and CPanel for Linux. I personally have only had experience with CPanel + WHM, but maybe Plesk is better?

    I'm looking for something really user friendly for my clients, as well as something that WHMCS can do an auto setup on (which I think it does on both.)

    And if windows or linux, what software versions are best?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    What are you going to offer? Linux based or Windows based hosting? Or both? If you are familiar with cPanel, why switch to Plesk? You will need to have good experience for supporting your customers.

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    As you are Linux user you must be knowing the capabilties of CPanel and also for Windows there are good options like Plesk,Hosting Controller,Helm etc

    So do not make hasty decision rather evaluate control panels before making any decision.

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    my preference will be Linux Centos 5 + Cpanel/WHM Half Dedicated Half Price
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    If you are confuse in choosing control panel then you must look at their online demo. It would be much better for you than accepting any advise

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    Take the OS that you know to administrate. If you don't know that or you will not do it yourself talk to the person / company which will administrate your server.

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    Plesk and Cpanel has their own features , as you said you are familiar with WHM stuff then I will suggest to go with CentOS+WHM flavour , that will be the best combination.But still there are services which needs windows servers. If you are thinking about those services then go for windows + plesk services.
    Regarding version choose CentOS 5.0 with WHM 11 and with WIndows w2k3 with plesk 8.2. will be the best combination.

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    Now if I get CenOS 5.0, and I have 8GB of RAM on the server, I will need a 64 bit version, correct?

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    CentOS is by far the best operating system for a web hosting platform. CentOS is highly compatible with just about every major web hosting control panel software.
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