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    Router VS Switch

    We have a small hosting company (currently 24 racks) that we are expanding to hold 100 racks. We have several 3640 series routers behind a 7200 series router (our edge router) that feed into numerous 2950 switches and 515 & 525 pix firewalls then into the racks with customer supplied switches within the rack. I want to replace all the 3640 and 2950 switches with a 6500 series switch. The only routing we do within the 3640's is subnet routing to the switches which make up individual networks for each customer. My goal is to use the 6500 switch to limit bandwidth for each port feeding a customer and to eliminate all but the 7200 router and the 2950 switches. Does anyone know of a reason or reasons this would not work or if it's just a bad idea. Looking for pro's and con's, thanks.

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    I would be interesting on how the pix performs. Since you are going from Switch -> pix -> customer (correct me if I'm wrong). So that means all traffic will go through the pix no matter what?

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    I didn't supply all details, some of our traffic goes from routers directly to T1's we supply to other companies, and some traffic goes to customer racks without going thru Pix. Most of the Pix traffic is ours which averages about 80 - 90 Mbps and they handle it with no problems.

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