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    VPS or RESELLER for Ecommerce?


    I have an ecommerce site to host and was wondering whether VPS or RESELLER Hosting for the site - which would be best?

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    Hello Chris!
    What script (web aplication) is used for your web site? This is important to know, because as rule developer of web application publish their recomendations on the web site. I think that you have to look at their web site first.
    I think if you have one web site you better go fo VPS. ReSELLer web hosting package is for reselling. - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    Reseller hosting is something you get to provide accounts to other people. So you'd better get VPS or powerful shared account. Dont get offended but it is better to know what do you need before start asking questions. This includes at least basic knowledge of terms. Go to to ream more about web hosting. - Web Hosting Blog | - VPS Hosting Media

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    Hi active8,

    I would second the VPS choice simply because it will allow you to run any exotic scripts that may not be allowed in a reseller (essentially shared anyway) environment. Just be sure to get it fully managed for you, as it does require a lot of technical knowledge if it is unmanaged.
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    Is this going to be a brand new site? In that case, I think you can start with a shared account. But, there is no meaning in going with a reseller package as long as you are not going to resell the hosting services.
    I won't think you will need a VPS to start, but if you enough budget, it will be the best way as it will give you enough space to grow.
    So what is your budget?
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