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    Question w2k server's mail --> linux box


    i just had a w2k server and i could create full working domain on it and i use XMAIL for send/receive email which is VERY POOR

    i have many other Linux servers ... can i use Linux server to read and send messages for domain in w2k server ?

    i think i can .. but what i do for MX record in domain in w2k and what i do for linux server ?

    i use Linux with WHM/CPanel

    any tips will be thankfull

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    you can add a new MX Rec . for the domain

    and piont it to the Linux mail server address EX :


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    i understand ..

    i should point the MX record in windows to "something" in the Linux server

    but what is that "something" ? is it the main server IP ?
    i use the main server IP as pop and SMTP server ..
    i tried that but mail not recieved in Linux! any idea ..

    and if i should point the MX record to /// what is the ?

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    any idea ?

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