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    * List of hosting companys that offers VDS

    Hi guys!
    Lets make a list of everyone who offers VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) hosting with control panel.
    I will begin with someone i know:
    It would be better if you will also include short description of their advantages and lacks.
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    cagedtornado does, I know a couple others here do.
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    Thread move to advertising forums so that hosts who currently offer VPS can reply directly to this thread. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    VDS seems to be much more costlier than the getting a actual dedicated server ??

    Why would that be so ??

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    brands, the prices on VDS should not be compared with unmanagment but with managment dedicated server. In this case VDS is much more favourable..

    Thanks for mentioning us SAMSON
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    I think we have distracted from a theme. Lets keep on our list.
    I know two more: and (and many others) also sells VPS services based on Ensim technology

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    Thank you.
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    Visist and select the option on virtual private servers. It'll give you quite a comprehensive list on companies offering VSPs.

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    hi 99

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