You've spent hundreds (or more) on a beautiful design for your site.
You've spent hours upon hours setting up your web hosting business - everything from marketing to servers to tech support to billing systems.

And yet...your site text has typos in it! Mistakes, badly written sentences, unclear words - all these can turn customers off. Sure, some won't notice. And some may not care. But others? Well, it's a shame to lose a sale because they think you're not as professional as you really are.

Announcing Web Site Editing Services by The Hosting Team (now guaranteed)!

We have a professional technical writing group with 20 years of experience on staff that will review every page on your site to help you whip it into shape. We'll catch those tpyos - oops, typos - and make your words shine! We do American English and British English, as well as Canadian English, Australian English, and any other kind of English. (If we've left your flavor/flavour of English out, just let us know.)

How does it work?
  1. Sign up here.
  2. We'll give your web site a good, thorough edit, normally within three business days. If you need rush service, we can usually do that within one business day.
  3. We'll send you back two files: one clean file with all our suggested changes, and another one marked up so you can easily see what we suggest changing.
  4. You're free to then make (or not) any of the suggested changes to your site.
Who should use this service?
  • Hosts who know servers inside-out...but grimace when they recall high school English class
  • Hosts who know how to write well...but want their sites to benefit from a professional checkup
  • Hosts whose first language isn't English
  • Hosts whose first language IS English
  • Hosts who have better things to do with their time than edit and proofread their sites
  • Hosts who have small sites
  • Hosts who have large sites
  • Hosts who have medium sites
  • Hosts who want to make their sites better than the competition's
  • Hosts whose sites are already better than the competition's and want to keep improving
  • Large, established hosts with big budgets
  • Small, startup hosts with small budgets
  • Designers who need someone to proof their work before they submit it to the client
What does it cost?
  • 1-5 pages - $50
  • 6-10 pages - $100
  • 11-15 pages - $150
  • 16-20 pages - $200
...and if you use coupon whte, you can get 10% off any package.

In a hurry? Rush service is available for an extra charge.

Sign up today for The Hosting Team's Web Site Editing Services!

P.S. - we keep our client list confidential. No one has to know that you had us edit your site for you!

P.P.S. - we guarantee that we will make your site text better than it is now. If we can't find any mistakes to fix or suggestions to improve your site's text, we'll refund your money. All of it, simple as that. (The fine print: if we make suggestions but you choose not to use them, that's okay, but no refund.)

P.P.P.S. - we can edit most kinds of web sites, not only hosting sites. And we're also happy to work behind-the-scenes with designers to polish the text before they show it to the client.

Stop losing sales. Sign up today for The Hosting Team's Web Site Editing Services.