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    quick question, don't know where it belongs

    is there anyway i can create usernames/passwords for my site so that when people are logged in they are automatically logged in their name on a wordpress forum or a phpbb board, or is that just way out of my league (i can dick around in html decently, nothing more except more dicking around in other languages).

    like, is there a create acct script that i can link with wordpress and phpbb so that when they register it registers names for wordpress and phpbb and logs them in or when they are logged in they are remembered across wordpress and phpbb from the first login they did?

    register name on script or something i'm looking for more info on > creates them an acct on different software across the site

    i cant explain it well and have no idea if this is just super tough or not
    i assume it is
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    well what you are talking about will take php programming, which is not html.

    i dont think there is a way to have a user login once, and have that persist among other systems. youd have to look at how wordpress logs in. which id say is a fairly complex task.

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    I would say you are out of your offence.!
    There are possibilities which would involve merging databases, and have both read from the same one for login and member info, but it would be a complex and tedious task. I can't say I know phpbb inside out or for that matter wordpress so I can't really comment any further. - Image Hosting -

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    thanks for the help, i had a feeling it would be too much to handle

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