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    Email Delivery to Yahoo Account Problems

    Over the past several months we have had a problem with Yahoo blocking our emails from our main domain/server. We contacted Yahoo and answered all their emails requesting many details about our server configuration, best practices and samples of the email we send out. This took about 4 weeks. At the end of 4 weeks they said "No we are sorry we will still block you, contact us in 4-5 months"

    Well since then we use another system to send Yahoo emails out to people that purchase things from our website which includes an attachment. And then we use another system for our opt-in Yahoo customers to get email to them.

    While this is working, I am sick of Yahoo doing this.

    Is there any legal action we can take against Yahoo? Is there a service that will make our case with Yahoo for a fee? There is NO reason we should have a problem. Our dedicated server is secure. We are not on ANY spam list, in fact we pay a monitoring service. ALL our emails are optin and easy optout.

    Any ideas how I can take this issue to another level?

    PS - I am thinking about offering a free gift, and $5.00 off for every customer who does not use a Yahoo address OR a $5.00 surcharge if they use a Yahoo address
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    Quote Originally Posted by GaryPilot View Post

    PS - I am thinking about offering a free gift, and $5.00 off for every customer who does not use a Yahoo address OR a $5.00 surcharge if they use a Yahoo address

    $5 surcharge rather than discount would be better, that way you dont loose money.

    In reference to your problem, have you tried changing your outbound SMTP IP Address for your server?
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    Yes we did that and it did not work. We changed another setting, although I forgot what it was at this minute and that DID work.

    However rather than deal with the HUNDREDS of phone calls again, we now use gmail and and an email marketing service just for yahoo accounts.

    But we should NOT have to do this. This simply does not make sense.
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    Yahoo may be blocking you from time to time due to rate limiting. As a preventative measure, many companies stop taking mail from people who send large volumes to their users.

    My first thought on this would have been a faulty PTR record, but since you're only having issues with Yahoo, I can almost guarantee it's a rate limiting issue.

    To solve this, use a mailing service (we like vertical response) and contact Yahoo to have your mail servers white listed.
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