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    LCWSoft: Affordable hosting, good features, great reliability!

    LCWSoft would like to announce our foray into the online websphere after previously focusing solely on the local market. We offer a variety of different hosting "packages" that have been created to serve the demands of our clientele.

    If you are just starting out and want a Beginners-type offering, our Bronze package is ideal for you. Besides offering a ease to use, yet powerful, Control Panel in cPanel, you receive 1 gigabyte of space and the ability to create up to 25 e-mail addresses for you and you staff. This service is $9.95 per month.

    For established businesses that have a sizeable client base and are looking to make a splash in the online world, we recommend the Silver package, which include 2 gigabytes of space, 40 gigabytes of transfer, and up to 50 e-mail addresses. This will allow you to easily provide online product/service demonstrations, datasheets, and multimedia materials to your clients. This service is $16.95 per month.

    Those with higher bandwidth and space requirements are recommended to take full advantage of the Gold package. At a desireable price, you receive 4GB of space and 50GB of transfer each and every month. This package was designed especially for those sites that have 10,000+ visitors daily and need to ensure a smooth experience during heavy traffic and peak usage times. This service is $21.95 $per month.

    All in all, we have a service to fit your needs. We will also work with clients whose needs are not met by the above packages. Please contact our support team to arrange a proposal.

    Also, we guarantee 99.5% uptime. Since our servers have been monitored by Hyperspin (, starting on December 17th, we've experienced 6 minutes of downtime and that was only FTP access (had to restart the FTP service), everything else was up 100% of the time. That's reliability!

    Check us out @ today.

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    80% off the first month!

    From now until March 31st, you can receive 80% off your first month of hosting with us. During the signup process at , simply enter the coupon code "2008" (without the quotes).

    Here is the amount you will be charged, depending on the package you select:

    Bronze: $1.99
    Silver: $3.39
    Gold: $4.39

    All prices are in US dollars.

    Note: some Firefox users have mentioned that the discount is only set up if they specify the coupon code after they specified the domain name already. If you have any problems, please try this method.
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