Hello WHT,

Fivio.com just revamp our premium packages for shared hosting services.

You can check the new package as per below.


Business Package
Diskspace : 100 MB
Data Transfer : 30 GB monthly
Yearly fee : USD 25.81

Order Now : http://billing.fivio.com/signup.php?...8&currency=USD

Enterprise Package
Diskspace : 500 MB
Data Transfer : 40 GB monthly
Yearly Fee : USD 77.42

Order Now : http://billing.fivio.com/signup.php?...9&currency=USD

Gigalover Package
Diskspace : 1 GB
Data Transfer : 50 GB monthly
Yearly Fee : USD 122.58

Order Now : http://billing.fivio.com/signup.php?...0&currency=USD

Domain price *.com *.net *.org = RM 35 yearly

Why Fivio ?

1. No Ridiculous Overselling
Lots of hosts today are offering crazy hosting plans with insane amount of disk space and data transfer for rock bottom price. This of course act like double edge sword when these providers realize their servers overloaded with customers heavy resources usage. You won’t see this type of packages in Fivio. We are providing an honest, affordable and reliable service.

2. High Commitment Customer Support
Fivio commitment towards customer support is our top priority. We recruit the best people to work with us. All our staffs are capable in delivering you perfect solution for your business. Our staff does not look at customers as mere numbers but friends. Thus, it is our objective to provider long term relationship with all our clients.

3. We are established since 2003
We have a solid 5 years track record to back up our operating and management. Thus, in Fivio, we know what works and doesn’t works in hosting operation. Fivio have hosting experience which only gained through long term establishment.

4. Reliability and Quality
Your websites will be hosted on server platform which have industry standard and reliability. This is proven with our uptime records throughout our hosting operation. We only use solid hardware because we understand how costly it can be during downtime.

5. No Middle Men - We own all of our equipments
Unlike most providers, we own all (Malaysia operation) our hardware including servers, network equipment and hardware. This gives us total control over our hosting environment in the datacenter. Therefore, we could give better respond and action during emergency.

Affiliate Program

Fivio also launch an Affiliate Program for Bloggers, webmaster, forumers.
We give 40% comission of the sales referred by you.

Join us now at : Fivio.com Affiliate Program

Thank you,
Fadhlullah Abd Rahman
Fivio.com Management