Looking for offers for the following domains.

Each domain includes free push and is either registered at Godaddy (GD) or at Dotster (DT).

Payment is via Paypal or Moneybookers.

Key: Domain > Expiry > Registrar > Traffic (none or low if not stated)

fitnessexercise.info 12-Jan-2009 DT (121 views last month, 66 this month)
whoopingcough.info 11-Apr-2008 (Disease)
exhaustpipe.info 20-Jan-2009 DT
famouspoets.info 22-Mar-2008 GD
fighterplanes.info 27-May-2008 GD
longnails.info 26-July-2008 DT
flyingscotsman.info 20-Jan-2009 DT (Train)
cointricks.info 30-Jan-2009 DT
glennmiller.info 31-Aug-2008 GD (Musician)
billycurrington.info 30-July-2008 (Singer)
richardashcroft.info 17-Apr-2008 GD (The Verve singer, registered in 2006)
juliettelewis.info 21-Jun-2007 GD (Actress/singer)
james-stewart.info 27-Jul-2008 DT (Actor)
johnny-cash.info 24-Mar-2008 GD (Singer)
anna-kournikova.info 24-Mar-2008 GD (Well known ex-tennis player)
denise-richards.info 24-Mar-2008 GD (Actress)
adam-sandler.info 24-Mar-2008 GD (Actor/comedian)
nicolas-cage.info 29-May-2008 GD (Actor)
jamie-foxx.info 06-Jun-2008 GD (Actor)
conanthebarbarian.info 20-Jan-2009 DT
meaningofname.info 20-Jan-2009 DT
welshcorgi.info 27-Jul-2008 DT (Popular breed of dog)
soduko.info 30-Jan-2009 DT
petrified.info 20-Jan-2009 DT
laceration.info 30-Jan-2009 DT (9 views this month)