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    DNS setup on dedicated server

    I know this is a dumb question. Searched but, given the terms got a lot of results and couldn't find what I was looking.

    I've had shared and VPS hosting accounts before, for which the host has provided the DNS info, e.g., on IP 123.456.789.101, on IP 123.456.789.102.

    Looking at dedicated server ad that offers, for example, 5 IPs, am I correct in assuming that I need to use 2 of those IPs for my DNS setup? If so, can I also assign those IPs to domains, or can these only be used for the DNS, leaving me with 3 (shared or dedicated) IPs that are usable for domains?


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    You can assign nameservers ip to domains.

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    The ips you use for your nameservers can also be used for your domains - Online in no time
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    As ServerBoost said, you can use 2 IPs for DNS and still use all 5 for hosting.

    Most people use the main server ip for shared ip hosting and use the rest 4 for dedicated ip hosting. DNS doesnt eat up any IP. - Web Hosting Bangladesh
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    I think most dedicated service providers still give you two nameservers if you opt not to make your own.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kafloofen View Post
    I think most dedicated service providers still give you two nameservers if you opt not to make your own.


    Your host SHOULD be able to do this for you. Unless you have many, many, domains, it is something that most people with servers would rather not concern themselves.
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    Thanks, everyone.

    Very helpful information.

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