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    Need of SysAdmin

    Hi, I'm looking for a sysadmin (RedHat_WHM-CPanel and related knowledge required) that lives in North Italy or best North-East Italy. I need only some hours of work every month, not more than 5 hours/month and maybe on some emergencies.

    note : In case that you don't live in Italy but you think that we can work a deal, please contact me. I have requested local (Italian) administrator most for security and the possibility of id verification. If you are interested please pm me with the cost of your services for 5hours/month and the cost of every extra hour. This is a really low load work.

    I also need some references (with who you have worked - if you're a new admin or you have worked only for yourself that could be ok too) and your basic personal data (only in case we decide to work together, not now).

    Thank you.
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    Please let us know if we can help.

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    I am interested


    My name is Atif Munir.I am with a hosting company from the last 3-years working as a UNIX systems administrator and have good experience with Plesk, Cobalt, Ensim, Cpanel, WHM. I can setup, maintain and secure many operating systems, including Linux, freebsd, solaris, hp-ux, and more. Major applications include qmail, sendmail, bind, apache, mysql, tomcat, squid, qpopper, webmail, chillisoft, and more.. On Netwok side I am BE Elecrronices with CCNA. I can design network with Cisco devices and have sound experience with Access Lists/Policty Routing/Fram Relay.

    I am proficient in perl and shell scripting. My detailed CV is attatched.

    If you'd like more information email me at [email protected]

    Best Regards,

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