Adtaq Internet has just opened our brand new datacenter in Issaquah, WA, just outside of Seattle.

Connectivity now consists of:

* 1 Gigabit - Mzima Networks
* 1 Gigabit - Hurricane Electric
* 1 Gigabit - Global Crossing
* 1 Gigabit - Time Warner Telecom
* 1 Gigabit - Seattle Internet Exchange (including Gamerail!)

We offer the best customer support in Washington State, guaranteed, at prices you would expect from a budget provider.

Here's what WHT users have to say about us:

1U Server Colocation - $97/month
Includes 1 Mbps of Adtaq Premium Bandwidth delivered over a 100 megabit port

NOW AVAILABLE: 100 megs of Adtaq bandwidth delivered over a GigE port in the Westin Building for just $10/mbps! Why buy Cogent when you can get premium?

Contact [email protected] or call 1-866-591-COLO today!