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    hello and introduction

    Hello everyone!
    I have been lurking here on and off and finally registered.
    I started programming around '78 on 360 mainframes (yes .. I'm that old ) and in the 80's was mostely involved with Alpha Micro and DEC PDP 11 hardware. Became telcom mgr working on Difinity PBX and various adjuncts like ACDs and predictive dialers (early 90s). Worked for the airlines until 2005 and now back into software, mostly internet related (LAMP).
    My current project is an interesting one. It involves SMS message interpretation and response.
    I am here predominately to get an education on hosting and related issues. Definitely feel I can learn a lot more by getting involved a bit more.
    Thanks for having me.

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    Hi saulnier and welcome to Web Hosting Talk!

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