The following tutorials are now available from You can have these tutorials on your own website, branded with your own company logo in the first and last frame of every tutorial. Your customers will be able to get the help they need themselves, instead of contacting you for simple questions... saving you time and money!!

Helm 4 end-user series (30 tutorials) - Reg: 109.95 Sale: $89.95
Helm 4 reseller series (25 tutorials) - Reg: 89.95 Sale: $69.95
Helm 4 Bundle (all 55 above tutorials) - Bundled Sale Price: $149.95

These tutorials are also available in Voice versions, meaning the tutorials are narrated by a professional voice artist! These greatly increases the professional look and feel of the tutorials, and brings them to life!

Helm 4 end-user VOICE series (30 tutorials) - Reg: 219.95 Sale: $179.95
Helm 4 reseller VOICE series (25 tutorials) - Reg: 179.95 Sale: $139.95
Helm 4 VOICE Bundle (all 55 voice tutorials) - Bundled Sale Price: $299.95

There are other bundles these Helm 4 tutorials are available in, including tutorials for Email, DNS, Private Nameservers, Domain Transfers, phpMyAdmin, SmarterMail 4, and FTP clients like CuteFTP, FileZilla, SmartFTP, WS_FTP, LeapFTP and WinSCP.

If you are interested in tutorials totaling $300 or more, CONTACT ME for a discount. You can usually get me by clicking the "Online Chat" icon on our website, or you can call toll free in North America 1-866-905-4678, or international +1-902-820-4678, email me at info[at], or PM me through these forums.

My name is Rob, and I'm the owner of DemoWolf.

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