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    * - 100mbps UNMETERED - QUALITY NETWORK - Free IP, Free ControlPanel, Free OS


    Currently I have the following specials:

    100Mbit Shared Bandwidth Servers:

    Dedicated Server 1
    Processor: AMD Duron 1400
    Memory: 1GB RAM
    HD: 200GB HDD
    Transfer: UNMETERED

    Port: 100Mbit full duplex

    Price: US$139.00/month

    Dedicated Server 2
    Processor: AMD SEMPRON 2400
    Memory: 1GB RAM
    HD: 200GB
    Transfer: UNMETERED

    Port: 100Mbit full duplex
    Price: US$149.00/month

    Dedicated Server 3
    Processor: AMD SEMPRON 3100
    Memory: 1GB RAM
    HD: 200GB
    Transfer: UNMETERED

    Port: 100Mbit full duplex
    Price: US$159.00/month

    All of the above dedicated servers may have up to 64 (8 blocks of 8 - 5 usable in each block) IP addresses (upon ARIN Justification) and you can choose from one of the following O.S.:
    - CentOS
    - Fedora Core
    - FreeBSD
    - Debian
    - Windows 2003 Web Edition
    - Windows 2003 Standard Edition

    Also included free of charge on the dedicated offers one of the following control panels:
    - CPanel/WHM/Fantastico/RVSkin (on Linux)
    - Plesk (on Linux, FreeBSD or Windows)
    - Helm (on Windows)
    - Webmin (on Linux or FreeBSD)

    F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions):

    1) Can I run IRC and Adult material on my server?
    - Yes, you can as long as it's legal Adult stuff and as long as you request to run IRC.

    2) How come the prices on your website are different from the ones listed here?
    - This is a WebHostingTalk special, so you will only get these prices if you contact me through e-mail ([email protected]) and let me know you are from WHT.

    3) How come your prices are so much lower than the ones listed on FDCServers' website?
    - As a reseller, they give me discounts which get bigger the more servers I have with them. Now my discounts are great and I can repass them to my customers, thus the prices are very low.

    4) Can I sell VPS using my server?
    - Yes, you can.

    5) How much for OS Reinstall?
    - Nothing, OS Reinstalls are free.

    6) Are these servers managed?
    - No, all offers are 100% self managed.

    7) Is my server really unmetered?
    - Yes, you can use as much bandwidth as you like and you're connected on a 100Mbit shared port unless stated otherwise. You can expect from 5000-9000GB upload transfer monthly from the 100Mbit shared servers.

    8) Test IP? Test file download?
    - Please ask me for a test file.

    9) How's is your network?
    - FDCServers' Network is composed of the following:
    10GE -
    10GE - Tiscali
    10GE - XO
    10GE - XeeX
    10GE - Verio
    1GE - ATT
    10GE - Comcast (Will be added this month)
    10GE - Telecom Italia (Seabone) (Will be added this month)
    10GE - Nlayer (Will be added this month)

    10) How can I pay for my server?
    - Currently we only accept paypal.

    11) How can I order my server?
    - In order to sign up for a server using Paypal, your paypal account HAS to be verified, if it is not, no payments will be accept.

    12) I already have a server, can I upgrade to one of the offers above?
    - No, these offers are for new servers only.

    13) How long will this offer stand for?
    - These specials are valid up to February 18th, 2008.

    Any question? Feel free to ask, I will answer them as soon as possible.

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    8) Test IP? Test file download?
    - Please ask me for a test file.

    100mb file

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