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    Question Name server

    I have a client who requested a subdomain, subdomain is
    Some time after creation of subdomain client reported me that he can't see this subdomain.
    I've checked - it works from different points. So I concluded that it is problem on client side or with his provider.

    When client asked his provider - response was that "the name server not pointing to each other"

    What does this mean?

    And can you see the subdomain?

    Thank you in advance.
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    Yes, I can view that subdomain and no, that doesn't make sense. If the domain is working then the nameservers are working. Nameservers shouldn't have anything to do with subdomains if the domain is working.
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    the sub-domains works for me. i have no clue what "the name server not pointing to each other" means.

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    I've talked to my client and he provider saied that: "site's DNS servers can not resolve each other, but they can resolve the
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    I think your parent domain has its nameservers screwed up.

    You have listed ns1/ as your authoritative nameservers in root dB but a DNS query of is revealing a different set of nameservers.

    Also they are on different servers which is nothing wrong provided your DNS is allright. Your site is resolving to .

    Your nameservers for in internic whois are [] [TTL=172800] [] [TTL=172800]

    Open WHM and select Edit DNS zone ->

    And then change the DNS zone of
    as SOA and

    [get rid of the present two nameservers in your zone records namely: and]

    And after that is done, edit the DNS zone of and add an A record poting to Do it through WHM so you dont have to restart BIND.

    If this doesn't help email me at [email protected]

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    Thank you very much, I'm wokring on it now. I'll post a reply if anything worked, or send you an e-mail if something is doesn't work
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