I have an available position on FreePlace.net for advertising purposes. The price is $15 per month, for 120x60 Button/Banner(Payable via Paypal). The site recognizes an average 50% growth rate every month. We also pay for advertising on findwhat.com and goclick.com, to attract more visitors. Here are some statistics on the website.

Your advertisement will be on the left table, in every section.

MSN & Google, provide 75% of our traffic.

55% of all users are web masters or learning designers.
45% are average internet users.
80% of our visitors are from the USA.
15% from other english speaking areas (canada, england, ireland, scotland etc).
5% are mild-english speaking, with the majority being german.

Average(per day): 550 unique visitors

Impressions(average per day): 2,800

Impressions(Monthly): 84,000

55% of all users return one day after their first visit.
15% of all users return two days after their first visit.
10% of all users return three days after their first visit.

The other 20% is scattered.

For more information, please contact me at.
[email protected]

- Anthony