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    Are blog comments good for backlinks?

    I have heard that they are mostly nofollow links. Is blog commenting still a good way to get backlinks?

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    Sure. You still get back links if you reply to a blog post. You still get human visitors who are going to see and click.

    If you're interested in getting back links for pure search engine purposes, then the answer is the yes and no. Yes if you comment on blogs that don't use nofollow. No, if you comment on blogs that use nofollow.

    Many bloggers are adopting the "Nofollow Free" notices. That is, if they don't use Nofollow, they may place a logo or small note saying so. There's a list of WordPress plugins that remove the NoFollow tags from comment links:

    There's a list of social networking sites that don't make use of nofollow:

    There's also a list of blogs that don't use nofollow, published on the blog of my friend, Courtney Tuttle.

    Hope that helps!
    - Jamie Harrop

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    if the comment is useful, and the link is to a relevant, useful site - there's always a chance of getting visitors, and a chance that the owner of the blog may notice your site, which could lead to "do follow" links in the future...
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    Yea afcourse they are good they make the blog look more original ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewASmith View Post
    I have heard that they are mostly nofollow links. Is blog commenting still a good way to get backlinks?
    If you have good PR for your link then Blog commenting with good links is always acceptable.
    But IF try to spam you will get banned for a life.

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    Its worth but as the post goes inside the value of backlink decrease.

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    have heard that they are mostly nofollow links. Is blog commenting still a good way to get backlinks?
    I think that you have ansered your question yourself here.
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    Commets must be meaningful and in favour of blog post. the worst anyone could to is to spam good blogs as a way to get backlinks. That's why Google changes its algorithm on regular basis. Because millions think most how to get ranked isnted of how to get recognized as a good resources.

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    Would depend if they were a nofollow blog!

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    blog links are mostly dynamics..sure they are also useful links, because there are always visitors to this blog. But if you are talking about building up google page rank, that is less effect.
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    I suggest that you search for blogs with a "dofollow" attribute. If a blog has a no follow attribute, your url link which is included in your comment, won't get an SEO juice.

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    There is no any problem even in nofollow. Just don't spam your links everywhere. Some useful comments on the related topics will be useful in any way.

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    Like Google said do it for your visitor not search engine. If you post useful informations on someone blog. They will sure follow your links and visit your websites.
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