We have banner space and text links available on Domain Focus. Banners are placed at the top of all pages and are sold per impression, text links are placed at the bottom of all pages on the site.


www.domainfocus.com (PR3)
Uniques: 3,600/month
Pageviews: 20,000/month
Statistics: www.syndac.com/stats/domainfocus.jpg

Banner Placement (468x60):
10,000 Impressions - $15 ($1.50 CPM)
50,000 Impressions - $70 ($1.40 CPM)
100,000 Impressions - $120 ($1.20 CPM)
250,000 Impressions - $250 ($1.00 CPM)

Text Link on All Pages:
$10/month subscription


Stats can be tracked via login/password and banners are served via OpenAds (phpadsnew). All payments must be made through PayPal. Please PM if interested and include the URL of the site you'd like advertised.