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Thread: down?

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    Anybody know what the problem with this hosting? i think all subnets of this hoster are down

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    btw, is down too

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    Yeah, down here.

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    Up for me now.

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    yep, up after power supply problem

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    Sorry to kick this thread, but it's been a busy week.

    Power failure in the electronic infrastructure of the Databarn datacenter in Amsterdam.

    For your information, Databarn is redundant in almost every way.
    Climatcontrol, UPS and generators are all redundant.
    During the setup they installed a too low capacity on the power feeds. In combination, with the growth of the past months had led to a failure in the current/feed.
    The main current is currently calibrated to perform at maximum power.

    The failure is caused by a human error. Currently, all measures are taking to prevent this from happening again.
    We hope to have informed you enough about this matter. Questions concerning this matter can be directed to support (@) xema (.) nl or call our staff at +31727111218

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