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    Review on my Re-Birth Proxy Website :)

    Hey guys,

    Check out

    Please give a review and tell me on how I can improve on the layout and marketing of the website.

    Thank you,
    Dalip Jaggi
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    The design is nice, however most places, assuming that they do block access to sites block the word "proxy", so you could have some problems there.

    Also, the owner of WhiteFyre isn't distributing PHProxy anymore, so it might be better to link to the SourceForge article.


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    The site is nice, but the google ads seem to be for your competitors. I'd filter out their ads (unless that's cool with you).

    Also, are you able to put your own ad up in the proxy bar, so that when people surf, they'll see your ads in the upper right? Not sure what google would say, but you could make more $.
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    I doubt Google would approve that kind of ad placement.

    The images loaded a little slow for me (i.e. for such a simple site, anything less than instant is slow).

    The design is simple and eye-grabbing... my only suggestion might be to bump out the width of the page and throw up a vertical banner ad since two of your three ads are below the fold. Hopefully you'll make some mo monaaaay

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    the first thing i see is main buttons use too many unnecessary effects would suggest to reduce that or somehow modify that.
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