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    I am currently sharing 1 directory/folder of phpmyadmin to run on both of my web servers. However, the 2 servers are loading it differently… they don’t look the same for some reason. Seems like the tables are not lined up correctly, etc.

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    You are trying to access the phpmyadmin and databases using two webservers?
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    It might be simple database permission prb.. but im not clearly understand your reply..


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    The db's are fine. just the layout/look and feel of phpmyadmin is not the same... the php version i have on the correct server is newer than the other one... however, all of my other websites that is using the same home folder are working fine...

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    I've ran into an issue where after phpmyadmin was updated, both firefox and IE did not display it correctly until I cleared my browser cache.

    Have you tried that?

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