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    need a suggestion

    Dear Friends

    i need a suggestion, please help me on this..

    i have one registered domain ( registered on 2005..

    now i planning to register a new domain for hosting business, also planning to redirect that new domain to becoz i thought new domain will take so much time to list with search engines, the old one is already listed in few search engines..

    which is best option to get list quickly in search engines, newdomain or or

    kindly give your valuable suggestions..

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    It does not looks good idea to redirect the new domain name.

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    Getting listed in search engines is simple. Just get a site which is already indexed in search engines to link to your site. Putting a link in your signature at WHT would be a good start. Doing this, your new site will be indexed within a few days.

    Go get that new domain name. You'll have no trouble getting indexed. And if you do, come back here and somebody will help, I'm sure.
    - Jamie Harrop

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    Jamie said it all.

    Just put links to on That should do. - Web Hosting Bangladesh
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    If you use GoDaddy as registrar, there is an option of forwarding your domain to your other domain. Stay with an old domain since reputation is attributed to older domains than new ones.

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    Have you had any content on the old domain name? Do you have any traffic there? If no - forget about it, its cost is almost nothing.

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    Who says it hard to get your new domain picked up by search engine?

    SE's have been a lot smarter before. Having a single backlink on a frequently crawled site will get your site indexed fast. - Internet Marketing and SEO

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    If you are going to redirect the domain.. use Google suggested 301 redirects. Anything else is a waste of time.

    If you are getting no traffic with your old domain, I would suggest registering the new one and following a few tips from the posts above. Putting your link in your signature is good.. plus other tips are easily available. / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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