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Thread: High crime!

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    Unhappy High crime!

    During the games of African Soccer Cup, a famous Egyptian player calls 'Abou treka' showed a second t-shirt under his team T-shirt with words "Sympathize With Gaza" in Arabic and English to cameras after he put a nice goal! - crime ends here!

    The player got a yellow-card for this action, which is OK.

    but what make me really wonder is 5 days later, a big Facebook group of this famous player has been removed by Facebook admins!!!!

    then the picture of "Sympathize With Gaza" has been banned from Google images index!!!!

    no politics, the guy asked only to give a sympathy for 1.5 Million people live in 36 Square kilometres surrounded by walls with no food, gas or electricity since months.

    where is the Internet freedom of speech? what the the problem with 'sympathy'?

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    where is the Internet freedom of speech?
    There is none.

    The 'internet' is not free, it's not part of a 'free discussion' community, and you have absolutely no rights whatsoever sans those given to you by the service provider whom you have signed up for (including facebook).

    Censorship isn't a fun practice, but you don't know all the details. Maybe that user got hacked, maybe they started spamming individuals, maybe they suddenly uploaded 'adult' pictures to their profile. Either way, there is no 'freedom of speech' whatsoever.

    Freedom of speech ONLY applies to public areas which are not owned or controlled by businesses and organizations. Business and organization rules STILL must apply, and in many cases, whilee they can seem 'censorish', they're not in the least.

    Again, you're not going to get any "freedom of speech" anywhere, from ANY public website, period. Just not happening.
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    Google removed Abu Trika’s “Sympathize with Gaza” images from the internet
    I found an article with this title when I googled 'Sympathize with Gaza'... Google now owns the internet ? Hahaha

    btw you can find the image on many blogs...just google it

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