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    Web designer wanted

    We urgently need a web designer to work on many projects over the next year. We are

    The first project is to design a new template which we can use to implement on a forum.
    If you perform to expectation on this project, we will keep your details and offer you all future design work. Our designer normally gets about 10 projects a year, sometimes more.

    We are a small budget site and prefer someone who is not charging through the roof.

    MSN Messenger required for quick communication
    Reliable people only
    Prefer people in the UK/Europe so times do not clash

    If your interested, please PM me some examples of your work.

    Thanks a lot
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    Sent you a PM, Thanks.

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    PM if interested, Heres an example

    Courtesy Performance . Com

    Without the spaces

    After you view the site, Pm me either way (prices are more then "Cutthroat"
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    For som reason i can't Edit my post, But in either case It's Courtesy Performance

    Sorry for the double post, if thats an issue

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    Please have a look on my portfolio: and let me know if I can got chance to work for you.

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