About Flash Tutorials
Flash tutorials allow for your clients to see what to do instead of read about it. This is quite helpful because not only does it take much less time to watch a video than to read a tutorial; but, more importantly, it stops any confusion. It is easy, especially on paper, for someone to misread something and get the wrong idea. With flash tutorials your client will know exactly what to do and how to do it.

You can view all the tutorials that we provide below (if you see a set you want but we donít offer, feel free to email us at [email protected] , send us a PM, or post a reply and we will see what we can do)

You can purchase any tutorial set off of our website. You will be able to download the files instantly after you purchase.

We also offer branding, which will be WAIVED from WHT members. We usually charge $20 for branding. But we will brand the tutorials for you. Just send an email to [email protected] with your logo (must be smaller than 840x520) and mention that you are a WHT member. We will then brand the set of tutorials you ordered and send them to you. Branding will be done in less than 24 hours.

Flash Tutorials
$14.95 per set, $9.95 for each additional set

30 cPanel X Tutorials http://www.titantutorials.com/cpanel.htm
31 RVSkin Blue Tutorials http://www.titantutorials.com/rvskin.htm
31 RVSkinlight Blue Tutorials http://www.titantutorials.com/rvskinlight.htm
25 Web Hosting Manager Tutorials http://www.titantutorials.com/whm.htm
23 cPanel X3 Tutorials http://www.titantutorials.com/cpanelx3.htm
13 DirectAdmin Reseller Tutorials http://www.titantutorials.com/directadminreseller.htm
22 DirectAdmin User Level Tutorials http://www.titantutorials.com/directadminuser.htm

Voice Flash Tutorials
$29.95 per set, $19.95 for each additional set

30 cPanel X Tutorials http://www.titantutorials.com/cpanelvoice.html
31 RVSkin Blue Tutorials http://www.titantutorials.com/rvskinvoice.html

One Stop Tutorials
$14.95 per set, $9.95 for each additional set

One cPanel X Flash Video (contains 30 tutorials and menu) http://www.titantutorials.com/cpanelinteractive.html
One RVSkin Blue Flash Video (contains 31 tutorials and menu) http://www.titantutorials.com/rvskininteractive.html

Why should you buy from us?
The first being is we know what weíre doing. I have been in the hosting business since 2004 and have dealt with a great deal of clients, and a great deal of people who were very new to hosting or were flat out unintelligent. Because of this the tutorials are tailored to be as clear as possible and to show exactly what needs to be done in the simplest way possible; while still showing everything that needs to get done.

Additionally, our tutorials include things that other companies simply donít offer. At the end of most tutorials (just asked to have it added if yours don't have it) your client will be asked if they want to view the tutorial again. While this may not be a huge deal, it is just an example of a bonus you wonít get elsewhere. At parts that contain a lot of information sometimes we will put a break in the tutorial so your client can push the continue button when they are ready to continue. This takes out one of the problems of flash tutorials, that of the tutorial moving too fast. Not only are our tutorials designed to go at a speed suitable to everyone, when there is a long part it we sometimes stop it and ask the client if they wish to continue.

We also offer things at no extra cost such as our One Stop tutorials (they are the same price as tutorials that arenít One Stop). One Stop tutorials are great because Everything can be navigated from one page. No more having to click on multiple different tutorials. It also takes out having to find a good way to display your tutorials. Donít worry about having to list all of your tutorials. Just list the set (e.g. cPanel X) and then your clients can just click there and choose from within the set.

Voice tutorials are also quite popular. Voice tutorials are easier to follow and just flat out more user-friendly. By allowing your customers to watch what is happening instead of reading along they will be able to grasp the concepts of the tutorial with ease. Voice tutorials have all the same features of a normal flash tutorial but have that added bonus of voice accompaniment. While flash tutorials are miles ahead of written tutorials, we suggest that if you can afford it you spring for voice tutorials.