Web Connection Technologies Corp.


All our server include Acunett management. Unlimited ticket, monitoring and proactive. So no extra! ($65/month value)

All our server are hosted on high quality network, Savvis, Peer1, Nlayer, Teleglobe and Videotron.

All our server are hosted in Montreal, Canada. All server is on 100mbits ports.


Processor: Core 2 Duo E6750
4MB Cache
Hard drive 500GB SATA2
Bandwidth BGP4 500gb - Promo: 1000gb
Unlimited Management - ($65/month value)
Managed Backup
Cpanel Control panel
Centos OS
Configuration fee 99$ - Promo: $0
$299/month - Promo: $199/month

I have only 3 servers left for this deal

So for only $199/month you get all this!!! Amazing deal.

add 150$/month for 1000gb additionnal bandwidth. (our network is not designed for high trafic server, it's more designed for high availability for critical application)

1) cost of os reload?

OS reload cost 99$ since the server is all managed and Acunett to all the security stuff on the new os.

2) How many IPs?

All server come with 1 IP, you can get more for free if you respect the ARIN policy.

3) particular HD partitionning?

Possible on demand

4) Adult material allow?

All legal stuff are allow, but contact us with your project first.

5) IP for test.

6) second HD?

It's possible to add a second HD, contact us for pricing.

7) managed backup, size?

What we do by default, it's to backup your server 1 time per week, and we keep 2 weeks of archive.

To order please contact our sale departement at [email protected]


All price are in Canadien money (currently $1CAD=$1US)

Hugues Morneau