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    Front Page

    This might be a dumb question but hey....

    Can a customer publish his web site with Front Page if all they have is an IP address? Example they want to upload to our servers before they do the DNS stuff.

    I was under the impression that they can but they keep getting site does not have FP extensions installed. I uninstalled and reinstalled them for the client still to no avail.

    Keep in mind the client is on a shared IP address, (virtual account)so if they connect to IP (example) the server should be able to recognize the user name and password and put them in the correct path right?

    Any FP expert out there please reply.

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    A virtual host is identified by the hostheader if you're connecting via http - that means that you cannot connect to the IP and hit the right installation this way.

    If the user reverts to the built-in FTP client in Frontpage the situation is different - then a username and a password should be all that is needed.
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    There is actually a way to do this.

    search for the hosts.sam file on the client machine

    there should be an entry like


    hit enter at the end of the line and
    type domain name (tab) *.*.*.*

    save the file as hosts
    and reboot

    this should work
    [url]I got nothing/url]

    For clarity's sake, don't use "<ip address of hostname>" use the ACTUAL 32-bit numeric IP address of the machine.

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    Where *.*.*.* is the IP address of the web server.

    And you will actually need to save the hosts.sam file as a file named just "hosts" in the same directory.

    And you shouldn't need to reboot.
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