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    used to be very popular

    i find it very strange that some services or products are now considered to be "not good" or "not recommended" anymore even though they used to be very popular and always (overwhelmingly) getting "i highly recommend"

    for instance: --> does not even exist anymore. but people here were always recommending it over --> was very popular. most know the story. --> (not V5 because we know that) was very popular. V4 was considered to be the best billing system. Many people were saying "difficult to learn but when you learn, it is the best" now many saying V4 is very slow etc...

    i am saying some of the reviews/recommendations here are worthless.

    what do you think?

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    I think technology changes rapidly....

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    Well, things change. New products are developed, new services are introduced and naturally people will go for what is better. Nothing new or strange really, it's been happening for years and still does in majority of industries.
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    Modernbill is precisely the case of what happens when you don't listen to what clients are saying.

    For years (even before v4), people were saying "MB is hard to use". Did MGB listen? Nope, they ignored it. They then went ahead and put out v4, which was harder to use.

    Again, people said "It's hard to use". Did MGB Listen? Again, they said "nope", and put out V5.

    V5 was the dealbreaker. Enough people said "I'm done" that , well, the software became pretty damn near obsolete.

    Recommendations here are hardly 'worthless', but time changes all. Had modernbill LISTENED to what their customers had to say, then things would be a lot less messed up for them. Instead, they chose to ignore the "it's too complicated" complaints and move on with plans for more complicated, less friendly platforms.

    Yet another case in point, softlayer.

    Had you asked me even 3 weeks ago, I'd have recommended the HELL out of these guys, because the network is decent, the support is somewhat reasonable, and the staff are knowledgable.

    Now, if you asked me today, I'd say instead to keep a close eye on them, but stay away for now. Why? Their inane security BS that is less than 2 weeks old, and their refusal to listen to clients in this oh so critical area. Basically, they've adopted arcane security measures that cause problems for clients, and have yet to reverse said decision to do so.

    The market changes day to day. It's not reasonable to expect that a statement made, as recent as 6 months ago, is still valid today. In the web hosting industry, that is, literally, a life time!
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    Creativity is destructive.

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    You have to do *REALLY* in-depth research when it comes to selecting software or services, particularly if it is something you will depend on day in day out. I mean days of in-depth googling, reading forums, gathering opinions of existing users, reviews and digging out background on the company. Also consider where the provider sits in the market - do they have the market share, resources, viable pricing and a responsive attitude to customers that will allow them to compete long term?
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    You all have provided some excellent information here. One thing that I have seen to stay in common throughout the thread is how important it is to listen to your customers an DO something to make them happy, give them more than what they are asking for. I believe highly in doing this no matter what venture I am working on. The customers are going to be the only ones to help you carry yourself throughout the years, so you better open your ears if you haven't already. I also like how a result was posted on here, just to show people how true it is. This is definitely one thing that should never be overlooked.

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    PaySystems became unpopular because it went bust (or nearly) and a lot of people lost their money or had it held up for a long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hcn View Post

    i am saying some of the reviews/recommendations here are worthless.

    what do you think?
    Ok I agree

    modernbill was strongly recommend i tried it couldnt get it 5.0 to work and went to WHMCS

    but that goes the same with most of these sites that recommend hosts - we all the type - pay to get listed high or the best but in reality -- the person who owns the site has no idea and is just looking to make a quick buck

    this video tries to expose that truth
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    Quote Originally Posted by hcn View Post
    i am saying some of the reviews/recommendations here are worthless.

    what do you think?
    Recommendations are advice, and advice from people you don't know/trust is almost always worthless.

    Unfortunately our brains don't work that way, which is why you see people in lab coats on TV selling you medicine. People will buy that crap because someone in a lab coat told them too. Its not even a doctor, its an actor in a white coat!

    Investigating for yourself and cultivating contacts you trust in the industry is essential.
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