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    Looking for Web Hosting

    Alright ,

    Just joined up looks great place , Well im looking for an English based service and to pay off 1 yearly sum ( 85 budget ) . Im looking for MySql ? that I been told is needed for a phpbb forum and will be hosting a site at the same time .


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    Well Welcome to WHT Luke and you came to the right place where you'll see the host fight it out . I am just kidding about fighting it out but you request seems reasonable but of course it will depend on what type of hosting specs you will need...

    What do you mean by Hosting specs?
    What I mean by that statement is how much diskspace, bandwidth, number of mysql databases, and version of php do you need?

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    Hi Matt ,

    Thanks for the reply , Well im looking for PHPBB 3.0 forum but regarding your specifications I dont really mind as long as I get enough for what im paying which is 85 in a yearly payment .

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    Well. Is this a brand new site?
    If you are already running your site, you can check how much disk space and bandwidth it is currently using.
    Also, how busy is your forum?
    If it si going to a brand new account, I think you can go for a small package with a reputed host. Your requirements are just normal and you have a good budget to support it.
    As you won't need much specs, don't go for massively overselling hosts who offers 10 or 100 times of space or bandwidth you need.
    Don't forget the fact that you will get for what you pay.
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    Why are you looking to pay yearly?

    What are your resource requirements?

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    You should be able to find many hosts that meat that criteria.

    Places to look would be the Shared Hosting Offers on this forum or the adverts in internet magazines found at your local newsagent.

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    Illustrious , When paying monthly you take a 12 month contract out anyway and it works out cheaper to pay the year off in full .

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    What if your forum outgrows shared hosting in 2 months? You'll have paid for an extra 10 months you won't be using

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    Welocme to WHt Luke,

    There are plenty of good web hosts here. My advice would be to chose one who does web hosting with care to customer. There are some around. I think you should be able to speak to host's representative on daily basis and to know their operator's names as well as they to know yours. This can be done by small to middle sized host or large company with very special way of doing customer service. Hope you to find a good host around. One more thing. I would recommend you to get vBulletin because there's much easy to spam phpBB. - Web Hosting Blog | - VPS Hosting Media

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