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    [UK/USA] FREE Upgrades on cPanel/DA/LXAdmin/Webmin/No CP Servers

    This week VT6 Internet is offering a free upgrade to the next plan for Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Ultimate VPS packages in the UK.
    To claim this offer simply use the coupon code "FREEUPGRADE" on the order form.

    Our UK Network:
    The BlueSquare data center has been built from the ground up with only two things in mind: over engineering and quality. We believe that solid investment in the best infrastructure and equipment will allow our customers to grow without worry. For example, we have 40% more capacity on cooling and electrical input than originally designed. This 40% buffer allows us to provide extra power to customers where required, and cooling for the extra heat generated.

    Our USA Network:
    The Colo4Dallas network provides the best of all worlds: BGP to support multiple providers, enhanced by the Internap 5200 flow control platform. Forget about the shortest or theoretical best route - our Internap FCP appliance definitively identifies the fastest route for your data. If it senses any latency or packet loss in the chosen direction, it reroutes around it. And, it won't send traffic on a long, circuitous cross-country route just to avoid AS hops. With diverse entrances and FCP, the Colo4Dallas network sends traffic down the smartest path.

    VPS Plans:

    Pearl (not included with this offer):
    50gb Transfer
    2gb Storage
    64mb RAM
    1 IP
    3.50/$7 per month
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    Silver (not included with this offer):
    100gb Transfer
    5gb Storage
    128mb RAM
    1 IP
    6/$12 per month
    Read More

    200gb Transfer
    10gb Storage
    256mb RAM
    2 IPs
    12/$24 per month
    Read More

    350gb Transfer
    20gb Storage
    384mb RAM
    2 IPs
    16/$32 per month

    Read More

    450gb Transfer
    30gb Storage
    512mb RAM
    2 IPs
    20/$40 per month

    Read More

    550gb Transfer
    40gb Storage
    768mb RAM
    2 IPs
    26/$52 per month

    Read More

    800gb Transfer
    60gb Storage
    1gb RAM
    3 IPs
    32/$64 per month

    Read More

    Control Panels:
    All VPSs include HyperVM, the three available with this offer are DirectAdmin, cPanel, or Webmin.

    Webmin (unmanaged):
    Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any modern web browser, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and much more. Webmin removes the need to manually edit Unix configuration files like /etc/passwd, and lets you manage a system from the console or remotely. Webmin also comes with the Stressfree 'Tiger' theme.

    DirectAdmin is programmed to be the fastest running control panel available. DirectAdmin avoids downtime by automatically recovering from crashes. DirectAdmin is the easiest to use control panel, period.

    The use of cPanel allows domain owners to perform tasks that would normally not be possible. Domain owners can create email accounts, password protect directories, upload files, install software, and more. All without using the command line!

    Management includes:
    |*| True 24x7 helpdesk support and unlimited tickets
    |*| UK and USA telephone support for urgent queries
    |*| 24x7 fast monitoring + response (upon request)
    |*| Secured setup
    |*| Preinstallation of popular software such as FFMPEG, GD, etc.

    Contacting VT6 Internet

    +44 (0)20 8133 6567
    USA: +1 (214) 717 4567

    Contact Us

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    UK Test IP:
    Test Download

    USA Test IP:
    Test Download

    Orders may take upto 24 hours after payment to be deployed.

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    I highly recommend these guys.

    I have been with them for a good few months now, after being with hosts with crappy support and endless problems.

    I have to say VT6 have given me the best experience out of all the hosts i have been with (and thats a lot!). Their Support is amazing, their prices are really good, and their servers are extremely fast and reliable.

    I started off with one of their basic VPS packages and lately i went custom with them. They were able to provide me with an amazing price for what i got.

    Their upgrade process is really quick due to their fast responses.

    10/10 for me.


    Edward Tobia.

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