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    Neeed backup server - already with Liquid web

    Hi Guys,
    Firstly, happy with my current server with Liquid web. Basically went with them after reading their reviews here.

    I have had a nightmare of a hosting experience with hosting companies these past few months making my business take a huge hit in public confidence.

    Lately I have moved to liquidweb with absolutely no issues (apart from a few teething problems associated with new accounts) and of course a recent network outage resulting in me down for a few hours.

    That got me thinking to building in some redundancy to my webhosting. I was thinking of running a tandem server with another provider, and running a script to clone my site (1 account on this server) clone its files once a week and its database perhaps hourly (backup to gzip, ftp, unpack and restore at other end) all easy enough to do. The clone server wont be live of course, no nameservers pointing to it yet.

    My question is, is it paranoia? Should I just leave everything as is. Yes I do backups etc, but I would like to, in the event of an emergency, simply change the nameservers of my domain name to the new server and have it all ready to go.

    Is it worth running two servers for such a thing? Who is comparable to LW in cost and service?

    Preferably I would like the host to be in a datacentre as close to Australia as possible (however I will rule out any Aus based host because they are terrible).

    Is such a thing possible and where would one start? Where can I go company wise so a nameserver/ip change dns propogation time will be minimal?

    Should I stay with LW in another datacentre?

    PS the store is basically a heavily modified oscommerce store, php/mysql.

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    DNS propagation takes the time it takes, if you want something that will be fast, you would probably need something like failover DNS, which would be able to direct the users to the secondary server if the first one is offline.

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    I have never heard of failover dns, have googled up dnsmadeeasy and a few others, some reading to do, thanks so much for your help.

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    YOu cna use any dedicated server provider which is know as a good one. Ask about any companies here or use search engines to find some names. - Web Hosting Blog | - VPS Hosting Media

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    SoftLayer having some server for backup use only starting from $119.

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    Well, as far as I know, Liquidweb do offer FREE 50 GB remote backup service,You should claim for it so you can backup your data daily or weekly. This wont cost you as well.

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    Well, I've worked for providers which insisted they were doing in-house backups that were being paid-for by clients, but *gasp!* turns out they were never set up!! Even after the client asked multiple times, 'are you sure the backups are set up and running?' The data centers said yes... the reality was no, and they knew it. They were lying to people. And no, I don't work for them anymore... some things I just can't tolerate.

    For this reason, I strongly recommend simply contracting with an outside backup service. You are then in full control of setting up and monitoring your backups. And you can login to the backup system yourself and verify that your backups are there!

    Personally, I use the r1soft backup service, provided through Handy Networks. r1soft is a great product, it doesn't drive the load up like cPanel's backup utility and rsync.

    It will be a more affordable option than running a mirror, and the patency of your backups is more assured.

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    Or try bqbackup, this should help you.

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