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    Game hosting offer

    I am looking for offers for my game hosting company which I no longer have enough time for.

    Website -

    at the moment : 4 client (1 battlefield2, 3 Counter-strikeource)

    It come with a gamepanel (i made it)
    and a second template if you don't love it

    The price?
    600 $ (Negotiable)

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    how much are you making a month? how much are your clients paying per month? How much does it cost for the server you have per month?

    If you do not want to disclose this, please email me at Romes[@]
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    Printscreen of the gamepanel Member space you can edit server.cfg mapcycle.txt ...
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    I assume French is the primary language of the customers?

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    yes all of client speak french

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    How much are you making and where are you getting your servers from?

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