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    Hi Everyone,

    This is a website that is not related to web hosting or much of technology at all. The site has been around since January of this year, so it has been around for a significant amount of time 'net-wise already.

    Let me know what you think of the design, what could be improved, and what could be changed. It is a rather simple design, so I'll go ahead and tell you that up front.
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    The design is okay but personally I don't like it. It's simple, yes. Too simple that it begins to look rather plain and boring. I think an entertainment related site should be more graphically intense.

    Oh, and DarkAngel has been cancelled?

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    I agree with you. What are specific things that would help the site's design? What would you consider graphically intense?

    Yeah, Dark Angel was cancelled by the FOX network. The main reason: Joss Whedon brought a new scifi show to FOX execs and the execs decided to keep Firefly (the title of his new show). Executives didn't want both (budget restraints), so they pondered ... which one? Dark Angel or Firefly? "Hmm... we'll take Firefly... who cares about the loyal viewers of Dark Angel."
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    Your logo (is it even a logo or just a header?) is boring and needs a new sence to it or spiced up.

    Its is too plain and it needs more graphic work. The sence of the layout doesn't really give off a TV guilde effect.

    I'm sure with a site like what you've got it would have a good solid layout with alot of work and coding done to it.

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