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    Need a dedicated server for TV links website

    I am running a website containing links to TV shows and anime hosted on websites like youtube and veoh. the website is hosted on a dedicated server with leaseweb and before i joined them i asked them to review the website if it is against their policies .. they told me hot linking and embedding videos is OK as long as thy re not hosted on your servers.. so everything went smoothly for 6 months now.. yesterday i received an sudden email from support telling that i have 24 hours to remove the website or cancel the dedicated server. I have no idea why they changed their mind suddenly and I didn t make any change to the website itself [no files hosted and only links to youtube and veoh]..

    I need a dedicated server now and I would be greatful if someone can guide me where to find a hosting company that has no problems with these kind of websites...

    the specs i m using now are as follow :

    Server: Dell PE 0860
    CPU: 1 x Dual Core Xeon 3050
    Memory: 2 GB
    Harddisk: 1 x 160GB SATA
    HW RAID: No
    Uplink: 100Mbps (FE)
    SLA: Self-managed
    Datatraffic: Volume 3000GB
    APC Remote Reboot (1port)
    IP Addresses (2)
    Plesk 8.x (30 domains
    OS: CentOS

    /boot - 100MB
    swap - 2x memory (max 4GB swap recommended!)
    / - rest

    thank you in advance

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    sorry wrong section, i just saw the rules.. please remove this thread.

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    Do not plan on going with a US or UK host, I believe Sweden is lenient on this, however I would double-check that with the provider before hosting.

    Just keep emphasizing that it will not be hosted on the server.

    Best of luck, and please keep us informed on who you end up going with.
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    Try they host a lot of TV links website without any problems.

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    I'd recommend PRQ(Sweden) they host many of the Link aggregation sites etc or Germany as they host alluc. From personal experience keep clear of the UK/The Netherlands etc If you can figure out what my username means you'll know who I am(just take off the "m")!
    Good Luck
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