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    Server dies periodically, and mysteriously

    I have a server that keeps dying on my mysteriously. I've loaded it with Windows 2003 and Linux. Both crash about once every other day. So I'm guessing this isn't a software issue, but a hardware one.

    When it crashes the screen turns blank. Only a hardware reboot will work. The power doesn't go off though.

    Anybody here experience something like this before? I'm guessing it's one of the following:
    • Power supply
    • CPU
    • Motherboard

    However I'm thinking it's probably not the power supply as the server is relatively idle. I did stress test the server and it didn't crash then.

    The thing is, there are no event logs from the BIOS or anything.

    Any clue as to the cause of this?

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    It could be a PSU.

    If you boot into your BIOS, does it show the voltages in there somewhere, maybe worth spending a few mins looking at those to see if it fluctuates a lot.

    Also could try a different PSU and see if it does the same thing.

    Next logical thing maybe the CPU overheating

    finaly it could be memory, that can cause random reboots.

    Unfortunately these things arent easy to track down.


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    This just started happening, or it never worked (is new)?

    Relichost person seems on track.

    Are the other servers on the same UPS having the problem? Is it under warranty?

    Besides checking for voltage and heat problems, I'd try taking it apart and putting it back together snug. While doing so, you may find a problem or put it together right the second time. Finally, if that doesn't work, swap out components until it's fixed.

    However, while you have an OS on it, have you looked in the logs after booting it back up?
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