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    Open Source resource

    How many people would be interested in starting an open source resource center with me? It would be something like sourceforge with osdn etc... Except it would be geared to cater people that aren't complete experts in open source stuff. to me has a bunch of garbage that isn't needed, stories that have no relavence and just don't make sense some times. Sourceforge is also releasing it's software soon, so with some modifications I think we could make a very successful community. It would be a nice thing to have. I was also thinking about a place within the site would be like except with free opensource volunteering. I think we could make a really nice site.

    If anyone would like to help please reply here or send an e-mail to [email protected]

    We need things like volunteer editors, php developers, graphics designers, etc..

    We also would need hardware or a server to place this on. If anyone could donate this please e-mail me also.

    I will put together a mailing list of everyone and try to make a team. I think it could be real cool to do this.

    Just so you know I have about 2 years worth of open source development experience and about 4-5 of extra experience in dealing with open source. So I am no run of the mill Joe. We might even make a little bit of money (but that is not my goal).

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    an open source resource for web hosters would be kewl .. save us all sorting through the s**t to get to the good stuff
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    that would be kewl. I'm currently working on an open source project.

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