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    Complete newbie looking for help.

    Hi, i would appreciate if anyone can help me. I am based in the UK and looking for a host to just host a e-blah forum or SMF forum with the scope of extending the site to further pages in the future. Something nice and easy is a big plus.

    As i say i'm a complete newbie so any advice and recommendations would be welcome.


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    your question is to wide. Any host supports for php/mysql should work with you. How many MB disk space? How many GB transfer per month? How busy your forum is? Do you want US-based or UK-based server?

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    Thanks for replying.

    I'd prefer UK hosting but don't mind a US host. My free forum i currently have has about 50 members with about 600 posts per day so however that would transfer in terms of bandwhith.

    Most importantly is reliabiltiy.

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    There are many Uk hosts that will meet your needs, just to a search in google for 'UK hosting services' and you will find many suitable web hosts.

    Good Luck

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    also, you could check out eukhost and or just google search "uk hosting" and something will turn up.

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    AFAIK, has some servers in the UK.

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