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Thread: myacen package

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    myacen package

    where can i find myacen package details? they seems changed the website already

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    hmm.. redirects to their forums for me..

    Edit: upon talking to a friend who is hosted on myacen, it seems they are redoing their site.
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    Myacen is launching a new site and should be online shortly.

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    if i remember correctly, they offer 5 USD per month package...can myacen kindly list down ur plan here? (if it didnt break the forum rules)

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    Their old site rocked. I didn't mind the pink actually, as the site looked really good.
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    There is a thread over @ where they stated that they will be raising the prices.

    Edit: I just checked any the site is up:

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    Originally posted by Haze
    Edit: I just checked any the site is up:
    I suppose, this is still the old site

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