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    Paypal for web server

    Does anyone use Paypal to recive web hosting payments? Is it a good idea? and is it secure?

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    I do, yes, and I would say that it is pretty secure. PayPal has things in place to help them detect fraud charges and things. I've never heard of any problems of where they weren't secure.

    Hope that helps!
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    Word of advice after you get 500.00 or so in there take your money out and I suggest not using it as your main form of income but more of a backup for people without a credit card.. it seems like paypal gets an itchy freeze button sometimes and decides to freeze peoples accounts.

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    mattschinkel, I use Paypal for friendly and decent customers without credit cards. I have heard a few horror stories, but have never had a problem with Paypal myself.

    Go for it!
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    I offer PayPal in addition to normal credit card payments. I notice that a lot of "blog" kids will want to sign up and use PayPal to pay for their service. Nothing wrong with PayPal, just don't hoard huge sums of money in the account
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    I advise you whether accept credit card payments or both together CC and PayPal.

    Since PayPal is not recognized in all the countries, most of people for example from Asia ain't able to apply via PayPal. However if you are accepting credit cards, from whole around the world can pay you.

    That was my two cents, since myself Im having problem with paying some companies who just accept payments via PayPal.

    Have a great Day!

    PS: If you are looking for a good merchant account provider, have look at
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