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    want to laugh ? enter here :D

    in my startlogic's VPS i have reinstalled it and so my Plesk keys was missed so i have to contact them to upload the plesk keys so i can add more domains i created a ticket waited for their response 1 weak they reply we are sorry for the wait time give me ur security answer for verification i replied to the ticket with the the security answer and i got reply after 4 days asking for the IP and the plesk user and pass
    i send like that:
    he replied after 4 days saying the Plesk inforamtion are not correct but i checked again i found they are working here i discovered that the problem was he copy/pass and i made a mistake i told him : user : Admin not user: admin he copy/pass Admin not admin i think they have no technical experience can u imagine that ? 3 weaks to solve a problem LOL

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    And what? I think that if you want to speedup process - give them a call . But seems you were pleased with situation you had (kidding around) - a true hosting company offering online presence solutions since 1998.
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    hehehehehehe they do not reply to their phone their phone is like their Live Chat no one come to you and if he come back to you he says i will creat a ticket for you

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    Sad..I've seen worse, regards to Plesk. Windows vps..with a certain host that no longer offers Win vps's.

    Ok..Order the couldn't have been 3 hours after I got the welcome email (overnight..I was asleep)..try to login..the vps is toast. Default user name and password..and some person came along and trashed it. more Please change the default username/password! Reinstall please.

    They did..of course...same thing happened again. Refund, please.

    No excuse.

    >>Kind to think of it..I even had one vps provider email me keys to install myself one time. No big.


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