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    Exclamation Cpanel & SSL

    Hello WHT,

    I have a couple questions maybe some of you can help me with -

    I have a dedicated server and many hosted customers, I want to setup SSL for IMAP email and their cpanels.

    Instead of purchasing individual SSL certificates for each domain. I was thinking to just use my hostanme (eg and direct them to that as I have seen the option in WHM.

    My question is can I use an SSL cert for email that will act as a "fleetwide" SSL cert? For example instead of using could I just use and would it give them SSL without warnings? Of course they would set their email client to

    Is it safe or recommend to use your hostname ? I read somewhere to never use your hostname as a domain.. so not sure.

    Do I make any sense?
    Any suggestions?


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    Well, if I recall there is an option to redirect users to the domain name in the ssl certificate, this way you do not have to use your hostname if you are not comfortable with it. Just order an ssl certificate for your domain, install it and check that option under Tweak Settings. Cpanel should then redirect you to that address when they go to /webmail etc. Changing exim, courier certs is done in "Manage Service SSL Certificates". They would have to set their email clients to use the domain in the cert for it to work.

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